Real Time Email Personalisation explained to my Mom

Nick Rouquette, Associate Director Partnerships at Movable Ink

I have had the pleasure to interview Nick Rouquette, Associate Director of Partnerships at Movable Ink working in the Nordic and Benelux regions managing relationships with various partners from Marketing Cloud / ESP to tech partners and agencies.

I met Nick thanks to the active partnership between Oracle and Movable Ink. He agreed to take the challenge and try to explain what he does in words my mom would understand.

During the interview, we have discussed a number of topics such as:

  • How to create content at scale
  • How to personalise emails in real-time to increase conversion, engagement and reduce frustration (ohhh no this product is sold out!!!!)
  • And I taught him a new Moroccan word…

Prior to life at Movable Ink, Nick worked at various Digital marketing Saas companies, including spending 7 years at CheetahMail where he learned the ropes of the CRM world.

You can watch the interview on Youtube. It will also be published on all Podcasting platforms.

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