Meeting Tristan Wright, Business Sherpa at Evolve to Grow

Tristan Wright, Business Sherpa at Evolve to Grow

For the last episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom” in 2019, I have had the pleasure to interview Tristan Wright, Business Growth and Simplification Specialist at Evolve to Grow

Tristan and I met via LinkedIn. I was intrigued by Tristan’s title: Business Sherpa. When I started digging into Tristan I really got inspired by his life story. The story of a man who had almost everything; lost it and then managed to get back on track. He has decided to share his experience by helping small business owners grow their businesses in a sustainable way.

During the interview, we have discussed a number of topics such as the challenges facing entrepreneurs and a couple of strategies to be successful while keeping a good work/life balance:

  • Always start with the end in mind
  • Do not trade time for value
  • Read books multiple times

I hope you will enjoy the interview!

Feel free to reach out to Tristan.

  • Website:
  • Email id:
  • Linkedin:
  • Youtube: Evolve to Grow channel



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