Meeting the Optimistic Technologist: Grégoire Pauty – Business Innovation Leader at Adobe, accelerating how organizations innovate, scale and compete

Grégoire Pauty
Grégoire Pauty

For the 8th episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom”, I met Grégoire Pauty, Business innovation leader at Adobe. His mission is to help organizations to accelerate while innovating and competing at a global scale.

Grégoire (I call him Greg) and I joined Adobe at almost the same time, 5 years ago. We share a number of passions such as: Entrepreneurship, food in Singapore, Finland and anything Digital.

During the interview, we discussed his vision of technology and why he considers himself an Optimistic Technologist. As you may guess, Greg is not fan doomsday scenarios except when watching sci-fi movies.

We also discussed the impact of drones as they allow us to see the world in a vertical way, the impact of AI in business and our transformation towards Augmented Humans.

One of the cool customer cases we talked about it, a website created by Airbus to allow all fans of the A380 to book tickets on this iconic plane.

You can connect with Greg via:

Enjoy the show!



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