Meeting Tatiana Cury – Customer Experience Expert and Miss LinkedIn

Tatiana Cury
Tatiana Cury

Welcome to “Digital Explained to my Mom”. The podcast that cuts through the marketing wahwah. In each episode, I am interviewing marketing professionals who will be able to explain who they are and what they do in words my mom would understand.
For this new episode, I met Tatiana Cury, Marketing Sales Expert in Data Solutions and Miss LinkedIn as I like to call her.

Tatiana and I met via LinkedIn. She reached out to me as part of her 100 contacts-a-week challenge.She can be described not only as a results-oriented person but also people-oriented, always concerned with building relationships and keep people happy. She really enjoys to challenge herself to bring innovative ideas to improve processes and results.

During the interview, we discussed how she applied growth-hacking in an offline world, her 100 contacts-a-week challenge and her definition of Customer Experience.

You can get in touch with Tatiana via:

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