Meeting Shilpa Mitra, CEO, and co-founder of

Shilpa Mitra, Co-Founder and CEO of Shufflup

For the latest episode of Digital Explained to my Mom, I have had the pleasure to interview Shilpa Mitra, CEO & Co-founder at ShufflUp

We met during The Next Web in Amsterdam. The Next Web is a conference featuring Corporates and Start-Ups and focussed on building relationships between both. I met Shilpa and her partner in crime: Sromana Mukhopadhyay at their booth. They were promoting Shufflup, a fully automated, stand-alone cryptocurrency trading platform.  Their goal is to make investment easy for anyone especially people who don’t usually invest in funds or other financial products. I was so interested in their vision and their mission that I asked if they wanted to take part to “Digital Explained to my Mom”. 

During the interview, we have discussed a number of topics such as:

  • What are HODLERs? This group which represents 83% of Bitcoin owners are people that are keeping Bitcoins in their wallet because they believe in its growth.
  • What is the relationship between potatoes and algorithms?
  • How do you explain to your parents that you will not be an engineer or a Doctor but will start your own business?
  • How to choose a business partner to get with you on the journey?

I hope you will enjoy the interview!

Feel free to reach out to Shilpa and Shufflup.


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