Meeting François Laxalt from Tinyclues

Francois Laxalt - Tinyclues
Francois Laxalt – Tinyclues

For the fourth episode of Digital Explained to my Mom, I have had the pleasure to interview François Laxalt, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Tinyclues. He is an accomplished senior marketing executive with 17 years in the marketing software industry (at companies such as Tinyclues, Neolane-Adobe, Datadistilleries and SAS 5 years).

Tinyclues is one of the leading players in the French Tech. They enable large B2C companies to plan intelligent marketing campaigns, both customer-centric and aligned with their business goals. It uses a deep learning technology to offer a unique new AI-first experience, where they can directly apply their campaign ideas and goals, and in a few minutes develop the best course of action.

Tinyclues works with leading brands such as Lacoste, ClubMed, Rakuten, ThomasCook and AccorHotels

Besides his activities at Tinyclues, he is also a Partner at Axeleo the 1st all in one acceleration platform for Enterprise Technology startups and a Professor at Université Paris I.

During the interview, we have discussed topics such as the role of AI in marketing and society, his passion for photography and living in Paris.

You can connect with François via:

Enjoy the show!


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