A conversation with Jasper Wognum, CEO and Founder of BrainCreators

In this episode, I have the pleasure to interview Jasper Wognum founder and CEO of BrainCreators in his hometown of Amsterdam.

He explains how he and a group of college friends wanted to make AI available to every industry. They do this by enabling companies to teach machines tasks without the technical side of things. Companies can then automate their own tasks that no outside created AI could match.

Jasper’s line of work is difficult for your mom to understand, let alone you and me! His outlook on AI in the future is promising explaining how a lot of noise comes from marketing and sales hype. In reality, it will create more time for important tasks and time for what you might enjoy.

During the interview, we discuss the hype and confusion surrounding AI among other interesting applications:

  • How he would explain AI it to his mom with definition and examples (03:10).
  • How can we handle potential errors in AI (06:08)? Explaining how it can be used in a percentage of certainty to provide advice in the medical industry and reduce error in others.
  • Will AI take over the role of humans completely (09:31)? We learn this is far from the truth, allowing us to do the things to add value to clients or enjoy life in general.
  • How much of AI is hype? Where did it come from (11:12)? The timeline.
  • How should the future working generation see AI (12:57)? Fortunately, Jasper explains how it can create safer working environments and improve efficiency with more time spent on valuable decisions.

Besides AI, Jasper has an interesting hobby for music production (18:56). He also sheds light on the creative side of AI (21:22) detailing how AI could never understand the human feel for good music.

Wrapping up, He explains again in mom terms what he actually does (23:30). “Teaching machines to do a specific task, then allowing others to do so with detailed instructions.”

You want to get in touch with Jasper or find his music (28:44)

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