Meeting Tristan Wright, Business Sherpa at Evolve to Grow

Tristan Wright, Business Sherpa at Evolve to Grow

For the last episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom” in 2019, I have had the pleasure to interview Tristan Wright, Business Growth and Simplification Specialist at Evolve to Grow

Tristan and I met via LinkedIn. I was intrigued by Tristan’s title: Business Sherpa. When I started digging into Tristan I really got inspired by his life story. The story of a man who had almost everything; lost it and then managed to get back on track. He has decided to share his experience by helping small business owners grow their businesses in a sustainable way.

During the interview, we have discussed a number of topics such as the challenges facing entrepreneurs and a couple of strategies to be successful while keeping a good work/life balance:

  • Always start with the end in mind
  • Do not trade time for value
  • Read books multiple times

I hope you will enjoy the interview!

Feel free to reach out to Tristan.

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  • Email id:
  • Linkedin:
  • Youtube: Evolve to Grow channel



Meeting Shilpa Mitra, CEO, and co-founder of

Shilpa Mitra, Co-Founder and CEO of Shufflup

For the latest episode of Digital Explained to my Mom, I have had the pleasure to interview Shilpa Mitra, CEO & Co-founder at ShufflUp

We met during The Next Web in Amsterdam. The Next Web is a conference featuring Corporates and Start-Ups and focussed on building relationships between both. I met Shilpa and her partner in crime: Sromana Mukhopadhyay at their booth. They were promoting Shufflup, a fully automated, stand-alone cryptocurrency trading platform.  Their goal is to make investment easy for anyone especially people who don’t usually invest in funds or other financial products. I was so interested in their vision and their mission that I asked if they wanted to take part to “Digital Explained to my Mom”. 

During the interview, we have discussed a number of topics such as:

  • What are HODLERs? This group which represents 83% of Bitcoin owners are people that are keeping Bitcoins in their wallet because they believe in its growth.
  • What is the relationship between potatoes and algorithms?
  • How do you explain to your parents that you will not be an engineer or a Doctor but will start your own business?
  • How to choose a business partner to get with you on the journey?

I hope you will enjoy the interview!

Feel free to reach out to Shilpa and Shufflup.


Meeting Tatiana Cury – Customer Experience Expert and Miss LinkedIn

Tatiana Cury
Tatiana Cury

Welcome to “Digital Explained to my Mom”. The podcast that cuts through the marketing wahwah. In each episode, I am interviewing marketing professionals who will be able to explain who they are and what they do in words my mom would understand.
For this new episode, I met Tatiana Cury, Marketing Sales Expert in Data Solutions and Miss LinkedIn as I like to call her.

Tatiana and I met via LinkedIn. She reached out to me as part of her 100 contacts-a-week challenge.She can be described not only as a results-oriented person but also people-oriented, always concerned with building relationships and keep people happy. She really enjoys to challenge herself to bring innovative ideas to improve processes and results.

During the interview, we discussed how she applied growth-hacking in an offline world, her 100 contacts-a-week challenge and her definition of Customer Experience.

You can get in touch with Tatiana via:

Meeting Jeff Tippett – Persuasive Communication Expert and Best Selling Author

Jeff Tippett - Mr Persuasion
Jeff Tippett – Persuasive Communication Expert, Author and Friendly Guest 🙂

I have had the pleasure to interview Jeff Tippett, known as Mr. Persuasion, the author of “Unleashing your Superpower”, the ultimate book on persuasive communication.

During our conversation, we discussed how you can discover your persuasive superpower. A skill that can be useful for your private and your professional life. Jeff’s life story is an amazing example of how Persuasion can change your life.

During the interview, we discussed the difference between Manipulation and Persuasion. And how they relate to the 3 C’s of communication: Capture, Connect, Convince.

The interview also includes a lot of practical tips that can have a positive impact on your life.


More about Jeff:

Speaking to international audiences through keynotes and seminars, Jeff helps attendees increase their effectiveness, gives them powerful tools to reach their goals, and empowers attendees to positively impact and grow their organizations or businesses.

His second book, an Amazon #1 international bestseller, is titled: Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication Is The Only Force You Will Ever Need. His bold statement is that we all live or die based on our ability to persuade.

In 2014, Jeff founded Targeted Persuasion, award-winning public affairs + communications firm. He has worked with renowned brands like Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association, The League of Women Voters, The League of Conservation Voters, plus others. Other industry experts have validated Jeff’s work with numerous awards including the prestigious The American Advertising Award.

The heart and soul of Jeff’s presentations are the emotional story he tells of adopting his youngest daughter from Haiti while the country’s government was collapsing. Through this near-death experience of navigating civil unrest and institutional bureaucracy in a third world nation, Jeff learned valuable lessons on how to persuade others without ever manipulating. Jeff unpacks these secrets of the superpower of persuasion in every presentation.

Meeting Guido X Jansen – Cognitive Psychologist, Customer Optimization Manager, Magento Master, Podcast Host and International Speaker.

Guido X Jansen
Guido X Jansen

For the 10th episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom” I have met Guido X Jansen. Guido has a very interesting profile: Cognitive Psychologist, Customer Optimization Manager, Magento Master, Podcast Host and International Speaker.

He works as customer optimization manager / innovator / facilitator for global brands (such as Randstad,, T-Mobile, KPN to name a few). He teaches and coaches worldwide CRO teams improving their digital optimization processes.

Guido started in digital during his studies when he started to build websites for people. Over time, he managed to combine his passion for digital and psychology.

One of Guido’s key ideas is that the Internet is providing wealth of behavorial data. Analytics software on websites are great at providing insights on WHAT people do online but not why they are doing is. Or even why people are not doing something.

Understanding why is really key to make sure you are doing the right thing (or not doing anything), instead of copying what your competitor is doing. A good example is the usage of “social proof”.  Studies have shown that Social Proof work best for socially accepted behaviors (signing up for a mortgage vs taking a loan to get your car fixed).

The conversion touched many topics such as: how he leverages his psychology degree in the digital world? how ethics plays a role in business (for products like mortgages where banks actually sell debt)? what does agile mean? And most importantly, how proud is Guido’s mom that he is doing something with his degree.

I hope you will enjoy listening to the interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

You can connect with Guido via:

Enjoy the show!


Meeting Nicolas van Eeckhout – Co-founder and CEO of Cogarius

Nicolas van EeckhoutFor the 9th episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom” I met Nicolas van Eeckhout, co-founder and CEO of Cogarius.

Nicolas is an entrepreneur passionate about Blockchain and how it could change the way we engage with each other. At Cogarius, they believe that innovation is about leveraging hidden values.

Nicolas has a great passion for digital, technology and networking. Besides being the co-founder of Cogarius, he is the co-founder of the Meetup Blockchain-Ethereum group in Brussels.

Special thanks to my brother Fouad who brought me in contact with Nicolas.

I hope you will enjoy the show!

Meeting the Optimistic Technologist: Grégoire Pauty – Business Innovation Leader at Adobe, accelerating how organizations innovate, scale and compete

Grégoire Pauty
Grégoire Pauty

For the 8th episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom”, I met Grégoire Pauty, Business innovation leader at Adobe. His mission is to help organizations to accelerate while innovating and competing at a global scale.

Grégoire (I call him Greg) and I joined Adobe at almost the same time, 5 years ago. We share a number of passions such as: Entrepreneurship, food in Singapore, Finland and anything Digital.

During the interview, we discussed his vision of technology and why he considers himself an Optimistic Technologist. As you may guess, Greg is not fan doomsday scenarios except when watching sci-fi movies.

We also discussed the impact of drones as they allow us to see the world in a vertical way, the impact of AI in business and our transformation towards Augmented Humans.

One of the cool customer cases we talked about it, a website created by Airbus to allow all fans of the A380 to book tickets on this iconic plane.

You can connect with Greg via:

Enjoy the show!



Meeting Grégory Pouy, Cultural Analyst – cofounder of Plink/founder of LaMercatique & of the podcast Vlan

For the 7th episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom”, I met Grégory Pouy, a globally recognized blogger, speaker, evangelist, consultant and podcaster on Vlan – a podcast that analyses the evolution of the society in the age of the industrial revolution.

I heard about Grégory via one of my colleague, Olivier Binisti. After hearing the first episode, I was completely hooked. With more than 100k subscribers, his podcast is a reference in business podcasts in France. His podcast goes beyond digital marketing and aims at discussing key social trends and how they impact the work of brands.

As the founder of LaMercatique, he specialized in marketing strategy and social media in the beauty and luxury sectors. Clients includes both start-ups and global brands such as l’Oréal, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Tag Heuer, Veuve Clicquot, Calvin Klein or Carrefour and La Banque Postale.

Prior becoming an entrepreneur, he gathered a precious experience in both brands (6 years – mostly in the Telco) and agencies (Vanksen and Sapient Razorfish).

Gregory is part of this slasher generation and his curiosity brings him on the newest subjects:

  • He co-created Plink, a podcast studio for brands.
  • He is also one of the founding Member of Arianee, a blockchain protocol dedicated to the luxury industry.
  • To have the right life balance, he is working probono for a few foundations like “Epic” and “Les déterminés”

During the interview, we discussed about how brands need to step away from the tick box mentality: VR done, AI done, chatbot done, podcast done, etc…

But also about his vision around digital transformation, blockchain and how to bring purpose to your life.

I really hope you’ll enjoy listening to the interview as mush as I enjoyed taking it.

Here are some of the links we discussed during the interview:


Enjoy the show!



Meeting 2x TEDx speaker and Author Marie Incontrera


Marie Incontrera on Digital Explained to my MomFor the sixth episode of “Digital Explained to my Mom”, I have had the pleasure to interview the New-York based Jazzpreneur Marie Incontrera.

Marie is a musician and author of the Amazon best-sellers, Social Your Book Launch and Spead your Ideas

Besides her job as an author, she provides a number of consulting services such as social media and online branding services for individuals and small businesses; media bookings (podcasts, internet radio, traditional radio, and more); TEDx talk development and speaker booking outreach; and book launch services.

Marie’s social media clients have included national best-selling business authors, medical professionals, wellness experts, a popular science-based gaming app, and more. Her speaker clients have booked TEDx conferences across the country (She has a 100% success rate getting her clients placed!) Her media clients have been booked on popular podcasts and radio stations such as The World’s Most Amazing People, Entrepreneur On Fire, and more.

During the interview, we discussed how you can be a very talented musician in New-York and be broke. We also discussed her view on how the jazz masters have disrupted the music industry in the past century (Jazzpreneurs). We also discussed how studying what you love can lead you to the unexpected.

If you want to get in touch with Marie go to:

Enjoy the show!


When Bob Ross meets Digital Optimization – Willem Corbijn

Willem Corbijn
For the fifth episode of “Digital explained to my Mom”, I have had the pleasure to meet Willem Corbijn, Managing Partner of IntoAction.
Willem is Managing Partner at IntoAction and branch director for their Utrecht office. He has a background in business engineering and a passion for digital and working with people. He started his own company during college to step on to the digital train, and never stepped off after that.
In his role at IntoAction he is responsible for business development and recruitment and combines this with strategic consultancy for their clients.

IntoAction solves digital innovation topics for large international companies such as Philips, AkzoNobel, Dorel, FrieslandCampina and Rabobank in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Service. They play a role in both Digital Transformation and Digital Operations.

I met Willem during an Adobe Summit 4 years ago, where he was presenting a session together with Philips on Digital Optimization and the Scale of Happiness. During the interview, we have discussed the IntoAction approach, how to align people, process, information and technology. But we also discussed how a Bob Ross approach can be beneficial in optimization programmes.
Enjoy the show!
PS: IntoAction is growing and looking for enthusiastic people to join the team. Check their website!